MACMA IBERIA, is present on the Spanish market from his official throwing in the fair of Exporeclam 2005 in Madrid.

MACMA IBERIA distributes in Spain and Portugal from 2005 and his growth in the last years has been spectacular.

Due to this MACMA IBERIA, needle in the commitment with his clients in the service, inaugurates his new facilities in Madrid in only a year of life of the company in Spain multiplying his stocks, offices and personnel of attention to the client that are the key of our business and the success of the same one. With this managerial decision MACMA it multiplies by two the personnel that attends telephonically to our clients, of which we feel proud as company and have been in numerous occasions congratulated on our clients for the rapid attention and efficacy of our service of attention to the client and multiplying by five the surface of storage (1260 m2) in our facilities in Spain.

All this in an enclave, Torrejón de Ardoz, of very easy and rapid access for our clients from any point of Madrid.

The big success of his throwing in Spain owes to the need of the Spanish and Portuguese market (a few already mature markets) of new wholesalers capable of offering an alternative real piece of news to either existing.

The key of MACMA is the stock and his exclusive and novel products under our marks:

MCollection - Ferraghini - MARK TWAIN - CrisMa - The Marina

MACMA with his new stores in good-looking Nuremberg for the Stock, moving big quantities of goods bringing in and going out multitude of containers and expeditions for the whole Europe.

With our connection ON-LINE with Germany he allows us to inform at all times our clients of all the stocks of all the regencies, or if the client prefers it the same one can consult them for Internet on our Web page or do a link from your own Web page by means of an anonymous linkage.

Of all the references and colours we support big quantities of Stocks, 100 % of the products of the catalogue is it is a stock.

Our catalogue perhaps is not the biggest (in number of pages) although if the most original and unmistakable (“ that of the hole ”) as they call him our clients.

The innovations are another key of our success; all the articles that in our catalogue appear under the name of CrisMa are made for MACMA of exclusive interview and an opportunity for our clients to present articles differently to his final clients.

Another big competitive advantage of MACMA is his EXCLUSIVE catalogue, they are already many clients who transmit us the big reception that has our catalogue between his final clients or persons in charge of buys, which in contrast to those of our competitors, the attention calls very much by his exclusive design, and the buyers they see thoroughly.

The competitive prices also are an advantage of MACMA, the big capacity of buy of the giant German redounds to a few lower prices of buy, for the simple fact of major volumes and economy of scale. These magnificent prices of buy, with some very limited margins of benefit; MACMA moves them at his prices of selling making him really competitive.

Security and professionalism are the values of MACMA:

• Security of finding sufficient stock to attend to his orders

• Security of delivery

• Security of very competitive Prices

• Security of the product (quality)

• Security of exclusive products.

This joined a big group of professional and good connoisseurs of the sector they do of MACMA IBERIA his SURE PROVIDER.

With commercial offices and stocks of samples for rapid mailing from Madrid for Spain and Portugal MACMA IBERIA he is his SURE PROVIDER.


MACMA Germany was founded in March 1991 by Matthias Huff, Christian Huff and Manfred Nieder, which explains the company’s name. At the end of 2000 Manfred Nieder left the company to go his own way.
In the year 2003 MACMA Poland and MACMA Sweden were founded. MACMA Netherlands and MACMA Hungary followed in 2004. MACMA Spain started in 2005, MACMA South Africa in 2006, MACMA Italy and MACMA Hong Kong in 2007 , in 2012 MACMA China, MACMA USA and MACMA Kanada,

The world of MACMA is constantly growing – today MACMA supplies to more than 80 countries all over the world.